Health Challenge Day One: Obtain Knowledge

The Interview Girl Foundation has created CHALLENGES for you to get you excited about our upcoming products that will be released soon.

Today’s CHALLENGE is going to promote the Interview Girl Foundation’s FITSPIRATION project. One of our first compilations of stories to be released is called: FITSPIRATION. In this compilation of stories, Health and Fitness experts were interviewed and they are sharing their tips, tricks, and secrets about how you can become your healthiest you.

indexWe have a five day HEALTH CHALLENGE for you and we urge you to take this challenge. Each day you will be asked to implement a healthy habit. An important part of any undertaking is obtaining knowledge before you begin and/or while you are doing something. Today’s task for you is just this: to obtain knowledge. For those of you who strive to “get fit,” we urge you to take the first step in your quest to become your healthiest you and to educate yourself about your health, fitness, and nutrition. Today’s challenge is for you to obtain knowledge about fitness by checking out the resources below. Below are some great resources to help you to reach your fitness goals:

Comment below and let us know who you want to hear from in the Fitness Industry (as we will try to set up an interview with him/her) and let us know which of the above articles resonated with you. Days two – five of this challenge are the next entries on our blog and of course …. stay tuned for the release of FITSPIRATION …. Coming Soon.