Health Challenge Day Three: Plan Your Meals

The Interview Girl Foundation has created CHALLENGES for you to get you excited about our upcoming products that will be released soon.

MTI1NjQwOTkyMTEwOTQ2OTQ3This is Day Three of our five day HEALTH CHALLENGE. Today’s challenge is for you to plan out your meals BEFORE you eat them. As you PLAN your meals, you will eat better, healthier food, put more thought into what you eat, cook yourself, try new recipes, and save money at the grocery store. By planning your meals, you will become healthier. There’s a lot to be gained by planning your meals. Today’s challenge is for you to take time and plan your meals because when you do – you will eat food that is healthier.

Comment below and let us know who you want to hear from in the Fitness Industry and let us know which of these articles resonated with you. Below are some great resources to help you to learn more about the benefits of meal planning:

Days four and five of this challenge are the next entries on our blog and of course …. stay tuned for the release of FITSPIRATION …. Coming Soon.