How Can Someone Actually Change The World?

How can someone actually change the world?

The world begins  to change as individual lives are altered. It is through helping individuals one by one that over time preeminent changes eventually take shape in this world. It has been said that if someone can change a life, he/she then begins to change the world.

The idea of helping one person at a time seems like it won’t achieve much in comparison to the gargantuan problems that plague the world. It is important for us to remember that when an individual continually makes small-scale efforts overtime eventually these small efforts completed over and over lead to larger changes. Any out of the ordinary idea takes tenacity and determination to come to fruition. You have to work and then keep working.

For example, Muhammad Yunus worked steadily and nonstop for two decades before his Grameen Bank caught on. As David Bornstein reveals, “Yunus worked without pause for two decades to develop Grameen’s credit delivery system, and to institutionalize and market his idea.” It is essential to not give up. Even when the small efforts that are put in day after day do not seem to pay off, it is especially in those moments that we need to keep striving forward.