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Overcoming Overeating

How does one overcome the urge to overeat?

Believe it or not this is the topic that currently has the most stories submitted on and let me tell you:  these stories portray what a struggle this is for so many people. You are not alone! So many people struggle with this. I have read so many stories that brought me to tears.

Interview Girl is collecting stories of techniques / how people overcame overeating, but we are also collecting stories about the those days when you couldn’t stop and what the binging was like.

This is a subject that Interview Girl has collected hundreds of stories on and she knows that there are many more people who would love to contribute to this discussion.

We all know that move more and eat less are the keys to losing weight, yet so many people struggle with even just maintaining their weight, let alone losing weight. Not overeating really is such a struggle for so many people. Please join this project and our community and help us to overcome this tendency, it can be done. Please join in.

This project is part of the Voices That Aren’t Always Heard Compilation Series

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