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Who is Interview Girl?

While on a volunteer trip to Africa, Interview Girl’s life
transformed after she met a girl who inspired her to be
someone who takes actions to change the world by asking
high-quality questions. After Interview Girl’s trip, she
came home enthused to somehow make a difference in this
world. Interview Girl appreciates the power inherent within
stories and decided to use stories to make the world a better
place. Interview Girl founded to create a
movement that would change the world one story at a time.

Donate $1 to help eliminate misery in the world.
We are working to get 1 million people to donate $1.
Changing the WORLD ONE DOLLAR at a time!

What is is a movement dedicated to making
the world a better place – one story at a time. The
Interview Girl Foundation is a non-profit organization
dedicated to serving others and making a difference
in this world by eliminating miseries that others experience.
Stories, advice, interviews, and content are shared for the
purpose of helping others (eliminating misery) at Every project completed at helps a different cause. People
throughout the world experience various miseries
and each product produced at the Interview Girl
Foundation aids someone who is experiencing misery.
The Interview Girl Foundation is a DO-GOOD
organization that uses STORIES to achieve social good.

What Can You Do To Make The World A Better Place? = A Movement Challenging You To Listen

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The Interview Girl Foundation uses STORIES and INTERVIEWS to help bring about SOCIAL CHANGE

Do you love a good story? Join the 7 Day Story Challenge! 7 Days - 7 Stories.

This challenge will motivate you to act, to do, to prepare, to change, and to question.
7 days ……
7 stories …...
A reinvigorated YOU

  • Do you want to do more?
  • Do you want to be more?
  • Are you tired?
  • Are you bored?
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After these 7 days, you’ll be motivated to do something. You will be motivated to make a difference in the world.
This challenge will allow you to see things from a new perspective.
A CHALLENGE ASKING YOU TO LISTEN … we live in a world where everyone tells. This challenge challenges you to listen and when you do, you’ll become better.
What if all you had to do was LISTEN?