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The Interview Girl Foundation

The Interview Girl Foundation

The Interview Girl Foundation is a non-profit organization working to eliminate misery that people in this world experience. Revenues from the Interview Girl Foundation’s compilations and other projects will be used to eliminate miseries that individuals are experiencing.

“One person can make a difference and everyone should try.” –John F. Kennedy

Proceeds from projects completed at the Interview Girl Foundation are used to make a difference in this world. The Interview Girl Foundation’s Operation A2  (see below) is our first project and we are working to eliminate the misery of AIDS.  The purpose of Operation A2: Aiding AIDS (see below) is to help provide health care and education in order to help individuals who are living with AIDS.

Project A2 – Aiding AIDS

Project A2 – Aiding AIDS

AIDS is now second only to the Black Death as the largest epidemic in history. AIDS kills over 1.5 million people a year, or about one person every 20 seconds. This death toll includes a lot of children, who are often infected with the HIV virus during pregnancy or through breast-feeding. The toll is worst in Africa, where millions of parents have died, leaving children as orphans. Often teachers have died as well, leaving schools empty. Doctors and nurses have died, leaving hospitals and medical clinics with nothing. Farmers have died, leaving crops in the fields. Entire villages have been devastated. Project A2 – Aiding AIDS  is a project sponsored by the Interview Girl Foundation raising money to provide medicine for orphans suffering from HIV/AIDS without access to medication in Africa. By sharing a story, you’ll be helping to eliminate the misery that someone experiences (HIV/AIDS). Your story will help Project A2 – Aiding AIDS.

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Committed Collaboration

C2 : Committed Collaboration is an ongoing exploit through the Interview Girl Foundation that concentrates on helping to foster committed collaboration among the world’s social entrepreneurs who develop bold and innovative new solutions to social and environmental issues. The guiding principle behind the Interview Girl Foundation is to foster the development for collaboration across organizations and industries. The Interview Girl Foundation is working to develop undertakings to allow this to be able to happen (C2 : Committed Collaboration).

Helping the Hungry

Helping the Hungry is a project that the Interview Girl Foundation started. Global hunger affects nearly a billion people worldwide. Severe acute malnutrition, however, is the more immediate killer: it threatens the lives of 34 million children. Every year at least 1 million of them die from malnutrition-related causes. Helping the Hungry raises money to partner with organizations who are working to eliminate Global hunger. Helping the Hungry supports programs that evaluate nutrition needs, treat acute malnutrition, prevent acute malnutrition, and build local capacity. Help feed someone who is starving by donating to this program.

Changing the World One Dollar at a Time : DONATE ONE DOLLAR

Small Changes Equal Big Results. Donate $1 to help eliminate misery in the world. We are working to get 1 million people to donate $1. We are changing the WORLD ONE DOLLAR at a time!

Give Up Your Birthday

Give up your birthday and donate to the Interview Girl Foundation instead!

Do Something Today…

What breaks your heart about this world? What can YOU do to make our world a better place?

Do Something Today :

  • Smile at a stranger
  • Donate to Operation A2
  • Write a letter to someone you know to make their day
  • Visit an elderly person
  • Volunteer at a nursing home
  • Donate food to your local food pantry
  • Write a veteran a thank you letter
  • Share a STORY with
  • Research and Read to find out more about causes that you are interested in helping
  • Become a Social Entrepreneur

What little thing can you do today to make a difference in this world?

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The Interview Girl Foundation uses STORIES and INTERVIEWS to help bring about SOCIAL CHANGE

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