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When you purchase one of our amazing products, you change your life with the knowledge that you obtain, and you help the world in the process.

At the Interview Girl Foundation, we have several CHALLENGES for you to commit to taking. Each of these challenges provides actions for you to take that make this world a better, collective place for all of us to live.

Take The Interview Girl Foundation’s Post-It Note Challenge
  1. Grab a post-it note
  2. Write a positive, encouraging message on the note
  3. Stick the post-it note where someone will see it
  4. Take a picture of your note and upload it to Instagram or Twitter

Take The Interview Girl Foundation’s Nursing Home Challenge
  • Could you commit to volunteering at a nursing home?
  • Could you commit to volunteering at a nursing home once a week, once a month?
  • If you cannot volunteer in person, could you send along a care package for the elderly?
  • Could you write a note to an elderly person to make their day?
  • The Interview Girl Foundation’s Nursing Home Challenge challenges you to volunteer at a nursing home and to then let our foundation know how the experience was for you.


Take The Interview Girl Foundation’s Quotes Challenge

The Words You Read Matter

Take the Interview Girl Foundation’s Quotes Challenge

We will send you 7 quote cards and you can post these to your Facebook, Instagram, and all other social media networks for a week.

Sign Up For Quotes Challenge Here

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Take The Interview Girl Foundation’s Hospital Challenge

Want to help someone who is sick in the hospital?

The Interview Girl Foundation challenges you to get involved in a local hospital and to then share your story of this experience with our foundation.

Do you need help finding a hospital? Contact us here and we will help to get you set up volunteering at a hospital.

Take The Interview Girl Foundation’s Veteran Challenge

We are all grateful to those who serve our country. Do you want to help veterans?
Visit these websites:

American Legion
Department of Veteran’s Affairs
Veterans of Foreign Wars

There are many types of short and long-term volunteer opportunities available through those organizations and the others listed below. Here are 10 ways you can help:

1.) Visit a wounded veteran at the hospital.
2.) Offer your home repair skills to a veteran or military family.
3.) Create an online neighborhood user group that can be used to share information about neighborhood activities, recommend reliable repair companies, and find babysitters. An online group may also help identify the needs of your neighbors.
4.) Volunteer your financial, legal, or career expertise via MilServe.
5.) Deliver a meal or care packages to veterans.
6.) Help a veteran tell their story through a project such as the Interview Girl Foundation or WWII Stories.
7.) Volunteer with an organization, such as Canine Companions for Independence, that provide therapy dogs to veterans.
8.) Offer a vet a ride by volunteering with the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) organization, which provides free transportation to men and women unable to travel to VA medical facilities on their own.
9.) Visit and use keyword “veterans” to find more opportunities to serve our nation’s veterans.
10.) Say “Thank You” when you see a member of the military.

Take The Interview Girl Foundation’s Teacher Challenge

We are grateful to those who teach our youth. We encourage you to recognize a teacher and to then share your story about how and why a teacher impacted your life and what you did to thank that teacher with the Interview Girl Foundation.

Take The Interview Girl Foundation’s Do Good For The Elderly Challenge

The Interview Girl Foundation encourages you to do something nice for someone who is aging and to then share your story about what you did for the elderly person and how this experience impacted your life with the Interview Girl Foundation.

Take The Interview Girl Foundation’s STORY WRITING Challenge

Do you have a story to share with the world?

The main purpose of the Interview Girl Foundation is to collect stories from YOU and to then share your stories with the world.

Your story could be added into one of our compilations of stories where the proceeds from that compilation provide life-saving medical care to a child who does not have access to medication.

Parents – we encourage you write a story with your children. When you finish your story, upload it here.

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