Take The Interview Girl Foundation’s Kindness Challenge

Take the Interview Girl Foundation’s 7-Day Kindness Challenge:

Day One: 7-Day Kindness ChallengeCARD-1

Challenge 1.) Do A Favor For Someone (someone you know or a stranger)

What favor can you do for someone? What can you help someone to do? How can you help someone?

Day Two: 7-Day Kindness Challenge

Challenge 2.) Call Someone Whom You Have Not Talked To In A Long Time

It is always refreshing to hear from old friends and/or family. Make it a point to call someone who you have not talked to in a long time.

Day Three: 7-Day Kindness Challenge

Challenge 3.) Pay It Forward

How can you PAY IT FORWARD? What can you do to make someone else’s day? Do something you don’t have to do, but make it a point to do it anyway. How can you PAY IT FORWARD?

Day Four: 7-Day Kindness Challenge

Challenge 4.) Write A Letter To Someone To Make Their Day

For example, write a letter to a family member, a friend, an elderly person who lives in a nursing home, and/or a veteran. Who can you write a letter to in order to cheer him/her up? Who can you write a letter to just to touch base with him or her?

Day Five: 7-Day Kindness Challenge

Challenge 5.) Go Entire Day Without Gossiping

Just because you think something – you do not have to say it. Try and go an entire day without saying anything bad about anyone or anything.

Day Six: 7-Day Kindness Challenge

Challenge 6.) Donate To One Of Your Favorite Charities

What can you give to help someone less fortunate than you? There are so many organizations out there doing amazing things in this world. Support the work of one of those organizations! Donate to one of your favorite Charites. If you don’t have one, consider donating to the Interview Girl Foundation (InterviewGirl.com).

Day Seven: 7-Day Kindness Challenge

Challenge 7.) Volunteer Somewhere

The best way to understand people is to live a day in their shoes. Check out volunteer opportunities around where you live. Maybe consider volunteering abroad? If you can’t volunteer, read a book about someone who lives a different life than you. Volunteering can be a life changing experience for you and it allows you to help someone in need.

We CHALLENGE YOU to take this Kindness Challenge?

Take the 7-Day Kindness Challenge and then tweet us (@InterviewGirl) and let us know that you took our challenge and how it went.

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